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Is Cannabis helpful in the Treatment of Cancer

With the mention of the word cancer, majority is not all of the population are scared. For quite some time cancer has been a big dilemma within the society and the medical fraternity in general. According to some statistics, it is said that at least forty percent of people in the world will be at some point in life diagnose with this terrible disease. Like this isn’t depressing enough, another research calculated in the year 2016 alone at the very least 1,685,210 new cancer cases. Note, this statistic is reordered even after millions of dollars have been pumped in to research to help establish the cure of cancer, nothing positive is out yet.

Even as the western medicine researchers are searching for treatment of cancer using newer and conventional means, the significance of cannabis oil has been brought in to the picture. Though it has not been proven to help treat cancer, cannabis oil is popularly known for its extensive use in other medical areas.

According to a research done in 2013 at Complutense University of Madrid it is still early to right off cannabis in the treatment of cancer. This study found out that this highly controlled substance has a component known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or alternatively THC. THC is helpful in cancer cure in the sense that this substance causes the cancer cells eat themselves thus minimizing the spread of cancer within the body.

Notably the study about the importance of cannabis does not date back to 2013. According to a group of analysts in 1998 from Complutense, THC the chemical present in cannabis was likewise learned to be very useful when it was used in destroying brain tumor cells that caused brain cancers. Incredibly, this remedy treatment did not affect by any means the healthy tissues around the brain.

Is cannabis the answer to medical health problems?

In the above investigation instances, cannabis has seemingly turned out to be beneficial as it pertains to managing distinct health conditions and more so the chronic ones. However, despite this facts many companies remain not considerate of this remedy as an alternative treatment due to its bad side effects.

In addition to cancer and brain tumors, cannabis is associated with treatment of epilepsy, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis. Furthermore cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy also can consider cannabis oil to assist them battle the medial side effects including nausea and anxiety.

Inasmuch as this substance is illegal in many countries the oil extracted in the plant is not. You may want to consider buying cannabis oil online and take part in the numerous advantage of it. With cannabis oil at least there’s hope for cancer patients someday.