Chiropractic Help Gets Me Back at Work with No More Pain

I work for the city as a residential waste remover. Yes, I’m a garbage man. It’s okay, the job pays me okay, and it really does keep me in shape. I hop on and off the back of that truck all day each work day. We have strict protocols for drivers not pulling away until they see you on the back of the truck. I stood on my platform and held on after a stop. I was ready, and then dropped my glove. I stepped down to grab it, and then I was seeing a San Francisco chiropractor for a few weeks. The driver pulled out while I was holding on. I fell and was dragged about a foot. He stopped right away. It was my fault not his.

I finished the run. I was not hurting at all. I did not hit anything or get scraped up. I was just pulled forward and dragged by my boots for about one foot. I never fell or let go of the truck. However, I must have really wrenched my back up when I got pulled. It started to hurt that evening. When I woke up for my next shift, I had to call off. My back was so stiff that my wife had to bring me the phone. I could not get out of bed. It took all the effort I could muster to take the pain and get to the bathroom.

I knew that I did not separate anything or break anything. I was reasonably certain I did not tear anything either. I just caused bruising and a spinal misalignment that was causing me pain. However, I had to see the work comp docs. They did some xrays. Nothing showed up. Duh! Soft tissue damage and a subluxation is not going to show up on an xray. I had a few weeks of chiropractic therapy after I convinced them to let me, I am back at work without any issues.