Got Me Back to Work

Working my job at a warehouse led to a recent search online for a chiropractor in Philadelphia after I suffered what turned out to be a very debilitating injury. We work quickly, but usually safely. Like anything else, however, accidents happen. I think all of us here have had something go wrong. A box slips off a shelf, someone drops something on their foot, pulled muscles…all of these things have happened. My recent problem happened when a box fell off the top shelf and landed on my head. Fortunately it wasn’t that heavy, but it fell from very high up and hit me hard.

I wasn’t knocked out, but I definitely saw stars. By the time I shook it off, my co-workers were already taking me to the office to get me checked out. I felt ok and went back to work. Obviously I had a headache, but I figured it would go away. By the next day the headache was gone only to be replaced by one heck of stiff neck. I couldn’t move my head from side to side. As the day progressed, it got worse. It got so bad in fact that I eventually went to the emergency room.

The doctor at the emergency room couldn’t find anything wrong and I was surprised when he suggested I go see a chiropractor. He said they might be able to do something to relieve any pressure I was feeling. I found one online, made an appointment, and went in praying for a miracle as my neck was still in agony. The chiropractor took a look and said he could fix the problem. I was worried about him moving my neck, but he gently managed to do something that worked wonders. I don’t know what he did, but I’m pain free and back at work.